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List of Useful Websites for Coding Interview Preparation

Here, we will display useful websites that will help you in coding interview preparation. We are also providing material, but there are few better sites out there. So we want you to refer to them as well and not just limit yourself to this website. However, you can still ask us doubts about any of the materials in any of these materials through this website and we would be more than happy to help you. 


Stanford CS Education Library

This online library collects education CS material from Stanford courses and distributes them for free.

Java Language and Frameworks Interview Preparation

Hadoop Interview Questions On The Basics Of Hadoop And Hadoop Component Technologies

Though it says interview questions, this page list down questions that can be also used to test your understanding of BigData and Hadoop’s basics and about Hadoop’s component technologies that make up the Hadoop technology stack. This doesn’t go deeper into any of the technology stack component. Having a bigger picture and knowing how the components fit together will help you make decisions in using the right component in the right way.

Important Questions on REST Web services with JAX-RS

  1. What are the differences between SOAP web services and REST web services?
  2. If REST can support multiple MIME types such as XML, Text, JSON, user-defined etc. then how do server and client know about what the other is sending?

Hibernate Questions for Interview and Self Assessment - Differences

These are some of the commonly asked questions to check if you know the differences between important concepts or APIs in Hibernate. This may contain beginner to advanced level questions.

Hibernate Questions for Interview and Self Assessment - Essentials

This is a list of basic questions from Hibernate which you can use to check your understanding or even prepare for interviews. You may use the parent chapter, other chapters or hibernate or the forum to discuss more on these questions.


A Long List of Java Interview Questions

This is a list of questions commonly asked for Java interviews. We found these questions from the internet and keeps on adding to the list.



Frequently Asked Interview Questions in Core Java - Part 1

This page will contain some of the frequently asked interview questions. 

1. Is Java platform independent? Explain.

Yes. Refer to the article features-of-java.

2. Is Java a compiled language or interpreted Language?

Java is a compiled interpreted language. Refer to the article java-is-a-compiled-and-interpreted-language

3. What is the difference between path and classpath?

Hashing Basics

Hashing is a tehcnique for storing and retriving information faster.

Hashing can give a complexity of O(1); however the worst case is O(n).


Components of hashing

Important components of hashing are:

  1. Hash buckets
  2. Hashing functions


Basic hashing operation

Approaches to Check if a Binary Tree is a Binary Search Tree (BST)


Given a binary tree, find out if it is a binary search tree or not.


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