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About Us

Being a software engineer or a software developer means you need to continue to develop your coding skills and get updated with latest technologies and programming methodologies. Switching of jobs is also very common and there are many reasons for this. Opportunities will never wait for you and hence you need to be prepared for that opportunities always. There are also people who plan ahead when they want to make a switch and work towards that goal by preparing themselves. 

This website aims to help you prepare for coding interviews and get you updated with latest interview techniques, experiences and even questions asked. Even if you are not planning to make a job switch, practicing and following the latest interview techniques and experiences will surely keep you updated with what is going around. Some people actually attend interviews just for this purpose and not for really making a switch. So we will help you keep updated with all of those without actually needing you to spend time in interviews.

So who are we? We are also software professionals who like to be prepared for opportunities, and get updated with latest interview techniques, experiences and even questions asked. We also like to share our knowledge with others and expect to get some knowledge from them too. We do part time teaching during our free times because of our passion for teaching. This website is just a collection of materials from various places and from the experience of many people that we refer to before interviews and also use for the courses we conduct.

We are mostly Java developers and hence most of the coding problems will be solved using Java as the programming language. This website concentrates on coding interview and not on the specifics of a programming language. If you want to learn Java from basics, you may refer to our partner website We may add other programming language variants also in future. You can also get connected through our Facebook page codinginterview or our partner interview preparation group JavaJee Interview Preparation Group.

As mentioned before, we also provide various courses. You can find the list of courses that we provide at You may join for a course or simply follow the website, ask us any doubts and even attend our free sessions and demos. 

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