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How to Publish or Advertise on CodingInterviewClub

Advertisers or External Publishers can add your content on our site (CodingInterviewClub) in two ways.

  1. External Blog – You can create a blog post using External Blog content type. Here you can include content (text and images) and reference links.
  2. External Video – If you want to add your video contents on CIC this content type is for you. You are able to add your video, content (text and images), and reference links.

Kindly note, to add contents or advertise on CIC you should register on CIC and get required permission from the Administration team to add content. If you have any questions, please contact the Admin team using

After you registered successfully and got required permission to add content, please follow the below steps to add content using two content types.

The following are the sections covered in this post.

How to add External Blog post
How to add External Video post
(Tips) How to add Images or Links in the Post

How to add External Blog post

Follow the below steps:

  1. Login to CIC with your registered credentials.
  2. Click on the login icon (Highlighted with Red color square box) on the home page or else type /user after site-name and press enter to see the login section. If you don’t have an account you may click on Create a new account and signup for the account. Don’t worry the registration process is very simple.


3. Type the username and password and click on Login.


4. On click, you will be redirected to your user page and you are able to see the admin bar in the top (black bar). And kindly note you maybe won’t get the user page while you are login to the website using the Login icon next to menus.


5. On the admin bar, you are able to see Add content shortcut. Using this shortcut you can add content using two content types which I have explained above.

6. Mouse hover to Add content and you are able to see two content types to add.


7. Click on External Blog to add content related to text and links.

8. You will get a popup screen to add a blog post as below. And you have 4 fields for this blog content type such as Title, Body, Category, and Tags. (Refer Tips Section before filling fields)



9. Fill out the fields with the required information and click Save or Preview.

  • If you click on Save – Your blog post will be saved and it is available live on site.
  • If you click on Preview you are able to see the view of the blog post after saved/published.

10. I have added demo content in the fields. You have to fill out the fields with required and suitable information.



11. Click on Preview and check the view.



12. Click on Save to publish the post and you are able to see your blog post is live on CIC.


13. Even you can also update the blog post whenever you want using the Edit option available on the post view, refer to the above screenshot.

14. That’s it, Like the above simple steps you can add as many as Blogger posts.


How to add External Video post

  1. Follow the same steps as above by selecting the content type, filling fields, and save/publish a post.
  2. But For this External Video content type we have extra field, i.e. Video URL field, In that field you have to paste your video URL from YouTube or Vimeo.
  3. Below is the view of External Video content type with fields.


4. I have added demo content in the fields.


5. Click on Save to publish the video post or you can preview the post before publishing.

6. Below is the view of a published Video post.

7. Also, you can edit the Video post as many times you want and update the post regularly.


(Tips) How to add Images or Links in the Post

If you want to include images or reference links you can include those with options available in the Body field.

To add Image use below highlighted pic icon. Note, with this option you are only able to load image from URL and you can’t upload image directly.


To add URL on this Body field use highlighted link icon.


And make sure to select Full Html from text format, when adding contents to Body field.

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